Dough Divider
Dough Divider manufactured and supplied by our company are designed and developed by using top grade materials as per the industrial standards to make them highly efficient and resistant against the impacts if the temperature and forces generated during the working.
Industrial Hoist
Industrial Hoist are large mixing equipments that are provided with a set of especially designed blades for the grounding and mixing of large amount of raw food substances required to make a fine quality dough to produce best quality baked products.
Tray Type Bread Cooling Tunnel
Tray Type Bread Cooling Tunnel are heavy duty machine systems that are especially designed to maintain the optimal temperature for the products coming out of the oven to make a balanced moisture and heat level within the produced food item.
Final Proofer
Final Proofer availed by us are manufactured with the help of engineering grade stainless steel which results in sturdy and robust construction. They are equipped with a highly sensitive and advanced sensory elements to maintain the humidity, yeast and temperature level in a dough.
Swing Tray Oven
Swing Tray Ovenare especially designed systems that are used for the complete baking of the food items such as bread, bun, rusk etc. They are provided with an automatic control system to adjust the levels of temperature as per the requirement for good results.
Depanner Machine
Depanner Machine are high performance machine tools that helps for the easy and safe removal of the baked products from the oven tray. These are designed to prevent any damage due to the removal process and to reduce the human exposure to the high temperature baking unit.
Flour Sifter
Flour Sifter are high performance sieve that are highly beneficial to increase the quality of the raw powdered ingredients used for the formation of high quality dough. These are also used to loosen the large lumps and make them lighter for optimal results.
Bakery Machinery
The Bakery Machinery we deal in are used to make bread, pastries and cake. These are accessible with energy-efficiency and high speed. They are made of hygienic and food grade steel.
Bread Plant & Machinery
Bread Plant & Machinery are the machines, used to make several types of breads on different thickness. These are needed for bakery sector and are appreciable for their high-utility.
Turntable Machine
Turntable machines can be used with all those machines, used for collection as well as feeding of products. These assist to change the total line direction and offer a linear movement of advanced operation.